Update 0.4.3 – Bugfixes and Improvements

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Happy New Year, Engineers! For the first update of 2017 we present you with some nice bugfixes as planned. The inventory desync problems have been resolved and a weird bug with ghost plants on your farms has been busted. Keep the bug reports coming, so we can make the game as smooth as possible for you: http://forums.keenswh.com/forums/bug-reports.415209/

– Added a craft-button to the campfire and furnace blocks.
– Compound building is now enabled by default as it should have been, rather than wait for the first time you touch a compound key.
– Scared away red-nose deer and cleaned up Christmas festivities, taking down the tree is your responsibility.
– Fixed character colour issue when the value was set too low.
– Fixed tooltip for Iron Works not displaying it unlocked farming.
– Fixed inventory desync issues, inventories should now be working correctly.
– Fixed dead farmable plants that would occasionally remain visible as living plants.
– Fixed a crash that could occur when trying to test dynamic placement mode on some grids.
– Fixed the game preferring the base definitions over modded definitions thus preventing mods from loading correctly.

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