Update 0.4.4 – Palisades

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Hello, Engineers! In this week’s update we are introducing the Palisade blocks – they come complete with spiked variants, battlements, and a gate. The palisade is less sturdy, but easier to build than stone castle walls and can serve as a protection in the early survival stages. They will add some nice visual flair for your castles and settlements – we can’t wait to see your creations on the workshop!
We are still seeing the occasional report about issues with the farming system – if you want to help, please send us saves and any information how to reproduce the farming problems through our bug report section of the forum: http://forums.keenswh.com/forums/bug-reports.415209/

– Added Blocks: Palisade, Palisade Spikes, Sloped Palisade, Sloped Palisade With Spikes, Palisade Battlement, Palisade Gate
– Updated Compass art

– Fixed some multiblock naming issues.
– Fixed a rare crash with harvesting wild plants.
– Fixed grass density setting not loading correctly on game start.
– Fixed seeding bags not decreasing seed count when seeding manually.

– Fixed research definitions not loading correctly.
– Added support for dummies on the subparts.

Known issues:
– There’s a rare crash in building blocks, but we don’t know why it is crashing. We’ve added some logging in hopes to track it down quickly.

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