Update 0.5.11 – Hay Now

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Hello, Engineers! This week we are introducing the missing hay roof blocks! In addition to that, we also fixed a couple of annoying bugs. Most importantly, changing the toolbar page on the inventory now works again, and placing loose chests in the world no longer consumes other chests. Finally, we fixed a bug that could make rope drums fly around aimlessly, which, while funny, was not good for the game.

Tomorrow, Wednesday the 19th of July, at 19:00 CET+1, we will be going live on the Keen Community Network channel on Twitch, where we will be sieging a castle made by one of the members of the community. We will attempt to take the castle while they will be trying to defend it. Don’t miss it! 🙂

– Added variety to hay roof blocks.

– Fixed containers with contents being consumed by area inventory.
– Fixed changing toolbar on inventory screen not working.
– Fixed signpost icons not loading correctly.
– Fixed a bug that would cause rope drums to fly around aimlessly.
– Janitor now allows you to exit the planet’s atmosphere in Creative Mode or with Admin Mode enabled.

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