Update 0.4.4 – Palisades

Summary Hello, Engineers! In this week’s update we are introducing the Palisade blocks – they come complete with spiked variants, battlements, and a gate. The palisade is less sturdy, but easier to build than stone castle walls and can serve as a protection in the early survival stages. They will add some nice visual flair Read More


Update 0.3.5 – More Window Blocks, Manipulation Tool Improvements

Originally posted: 11/15/2016 Summary Hello Engineers! In this week’s update we are adding the missing window blocks and improving the Manipulation Tool. Additionally, we are fixing several exploits and fixing some bugs. Thanks everyone for your reports, it really helps! From now on you don’t need to equip the “tool”, it is enabled by default Read More


Update 0.3.4 – Improvements and Bugfixes

Originally posted: 11/08/2016 Documentation: The modlist: HGY functional doors, stonecutter mod, timber_nwe_block_side_and_center, survival enhancements, Carpenter mod, working doors and shutters, moon full. I think I found the guilty, and you can sheath the sword again, miLord, when you whip your servants into corvee monday morning, as they are found to be innocent. Here: The Read More