Devblog #001

Hello engineers! Welcome to the first Medieval Engineers development blog! With our new website, we’ve paved the way for writing ME specific developer blogs and I intend to make use of it! For the first development blog I have two main topics to discuss, so let’s get started! The Game’s Direction First I want to Read More


Developer Diaries – Episode 14

Originally posted: 08/30/2016 Summary Hello, Engineers! In today’s dev diary with Medieval Engineers Producer Tim Toxopeus, we take you back in time to the age of Medieval heraldry, originating in the early 1100s. Heraldic achievements were very intricate and complex designs in the Middle Ages, and modern Heraldry is still undergoing development. In Medieval Engineers, Read More


Developer Diaries – Episode 13

Originally posted: 08/23/2016 Summary Hello, Engineers! The 13th episode in our series of behind-the-scenes developer diaries has been released! This week Tomas Rampas, our lead game designer, will reveal more about how planets are designed in Medieval Engineers. For more details about concepts like planetary tiles, roads and the overall design approach, watch the dev Read More