Update 0.3.4 – Improvements and Bugfixes

Documentation: The modlist: HGY functional doors, stonecutter mod, timber_nwe_block_side_and_center, survival enhancements, Carpenter mod, working doors and shutters, moon full. I think I found the guilty, and you can sheath the sword again, miLord, when you whip your servants into corvee monday morning, as they are found to be innocent. Here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=682659980&searchtext=survival+enhancements The mod ‘survival enhancements’ Read More


Update 0.3.1 – Planets

Medieval Engineers is back in action with a great new update! With the introduction of a highly detailed planet, a phenomenal world map that shows a symbolic depiction of the world, a fully updated rendering engine and many optimizations. Engineering in medieval times has never been this awesome. Not to mention all the other new Read More


Update 02.069 – Portcullis

Summary Dear Engineers! In this week’s update we are making another addition to the group of entrance blocks. We’ve added a new block, the portcullis. It’s modular, so it allows you to combine it with other blocks in various ways. It’s also a compound block, so there are a large number of possible combinations. It’s Read More


Update 02.067 – Wooden gate

Summary: Greetings Engineers! In this week’s update we are bringing new block to the game: a wooden gate. The wooden gate’s opening speed, number of door wings, max angle and open angle are all moddable. This means modders can make all sorts of smaller doors, shutters, cellar doors, roof windows, and so on. In this Read More