Update 02.036 – Bugfixes and Resource Optimizations

Summary The stabilization period continues this week with new fixes and improvements. We changed resources like scrap wood, branches, logs, and stones to floating objects, which will improve performance. Additionally we enabled copy and paste in creative mode for all floating objects in the game.   Features – changed resources from grids to floating objects Read More


Update 02.033 – Bugfixes & Improvements

Summary This week the stabilization period continues with many new fixes and improvements. We applied changes to the character’s stats, more specifically to stamina for a better survival experience. We also rebalanced the construction progress of survival blocks so building is now more realistic. Additionally, we changed the starting season from winter to summer so Read More


Update 02.031 – Bugfixes #2

Summary The bug fixing period continues. As we informed you last week, we have entered a stabilization / feature-freeze period where our focus is on fixing bugs and improving existing features (more info can be found here: Some of the main fixes that were implemented this time are related to the castle siege and Read More