Update 0.3.4 – Improvements and Bugfixes

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The modlist: HGY functional doors, stonecutter mod, timber_nwe_block_side_and_center, survival enhancements, Carpenter mod, working doors and shutters, moon full.
I think I found the guilty, and you can sheath the sword again, miLord, when you whip your servants into corvee monday morning, as they are found to be innocent.
Here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=682659980&searchtext=survival+enhancements
The mod ‘survival enhancements’ changes requirements in materials as mentioned, and I was guessing right, it converts ore over the bonfire into tasty steaks… ehm… ingots. However, it needs a special world or creating a new one for actually including ore layers in the ground. So I will simply de-select it and should be all set with regular wood + stone necessity.
Sorry for the disturbances.

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