Update 0.3.6 – Improvements, Bugfixes and Farming Preview

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Hello Engineers! This week we are previewing our progress with the farming systems and we have even more fixes and improvements for the manipulation tool. It should be no longer possible to pick up whole tree trunks, the locking option is now enabled by default for the Lockable Drum and we made loading the catapult bucket even easier now. The catapult now takes the projectile straight from your inventory and loads it up!


– Added the ability to press F on the catapult bucket to automatically take a projectile straight from your inventory if you are not manipulating anything. This is moddable, look at Placables.sbc for more information.
– We’ve done further improvements to the lockable drum, in most use-cases, having the rope locked is desired use, so we made it the default (and only) way to use it.
– Added a graphical rope effect when attaching ropes using the rope tool.

– Fixed a situation where only editing the background color of a banner would not update the banner correctly on dedicated servers.
– Fixed lockable drum interactable element on dedicated servers, it should now lock and unlock correctly.
– Fixed a crash in the manipulation tool when manipulating tree parts or grids with subparts.
– Fixed the manipulation tool hauling entire trees around.
– Fixed some alignment issues with the manipulation tool.
– Fixed the missing footstep sounds.

– Fixed scrollbars breaking if the public or private info of the house was too long.
– Fixed permission issues, the access rights should now respect your area settings.
– Fixed a crash in the manipulation tool when rapidly manipulating the same object.
– Changed the house sorting so that your house is always displayed at the top.

Thanks to Terradus for reporting some of these issues!

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