Update 0.4.1 – Happy Feast of Midwinter!

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Hello, Engineers! This week we bring you the first batch of bugfixes and improvements – but we also tried to spice things up because of the season! You can now craft your own Christmas tree and use it to make your houses more festive! The deer are enjoying some holiday spirit too. ;)
Additionally, player names have made their comeback! They haven’t been working for a while, but we finally got around to fixing them. The is now a world setting for enabling this feature, which enables and disables it for everyone in the game. Previously you could turn off your own name by pressing O, but this has been removed, and instead you can hide your name by crouching. This way you can still sneak up on people, without the game having a strange broadcasting feature.

Happy Holidays from everyone in Medieval Team and have fun!

– Added Christmas Tree, you can craft it in your inventory screen, and place it inside your house.
– Added Festive Deer, they’re responding to the holiday spirit in mysterious ways..
– Player names are back! Crouch to hide them.


– Improved iron pickaxe durability.
– Added an in-between growth state for flax.
– Fixed MWMBuilder in ModSDK, it should now work properly again.
– Fixed some bugs that were making seeding difficult, the error message is now more descriptive and some of the checks were improved.
– Fixed some situations where the plants could become unharvestable.
– Fixed sun rotation on some servers, it was broken because of a mistake in the world settings that was unconfigurable.
– Fixed some localization errors.


– Fixed sound effects on the axes.
– Fixed particle effect offset on christmas tree.
– Fixed the problem where you couldn’t change your skin after changing to deer or barbarian in creative mode.
– Fixed a gravity-skippy effect when flying around in creative mode.
– Fixed a crash when double-jumping as a deer.
– Fixed more crashes with regards to the plants.

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