Update 0.4.12 – It’s Not A Buck, It’s A Feature!

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Hello, Engineers! This week we are adding more life to the planet with the introduction of the buck. The buck is the male counterpart of our doe, completing the set of deer on our planet. You can hunt the buck for his antlers to use as a decoration. We also updated the crafting table, it now looks more like a crafting table. The old table is still available as a Simple Table. Finally, we made building a little easier with the wooden mallet, we felt that it was a little too harsh.
– Added the buck.
– Added deer plaque.
– Updated crafting table model, it now looks like a crafting table.
– Added a new table called Simple Table, which uses the old crafting table model.
– Increased efficiency and slightly increased durability for wooden mallet.
– Decreased build time of wooden blocks.

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