Update 0.4.13 – Can You Hear Me Now?

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Hello, Engineers! This week is light on the fixes, mostly aimed at making the life of modders better. Next week we’ve got some really cool stuff coming up. One of the fixes this week has to do with how audio is used. Please be aware that certain mods may suddenly be silent now, mod authors will have to update their mods. Other fixes include palisade names and icons, equipping items from your inventory in creative mode, and a crash when an animation has only events. Finally, next week Monday we’ll have a Medieval Engineers stream on the official Keen Software House twitch at 19:00 CET! Mark your calendars!

– Added support for modding audio with wav files. Though we recommend you keep using xwm as the filesizes are significantly smaller, we also support wav files now. Please be aware that it is now required to properly refer to the audio files with the appropriate path. So instead of <Start>BLOCK\BlockBonfireStart3d.wav</Start> it should now say <Start>Audio\BLOCK\BlockBonfireStart3d.wav</Start>, add Audio\ to your path prefix. Modders can look at Audio.sbc for examples.
– Example Mod: Alphorn – http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=882877841

– Fixed palisade block names.
– Fixed a duplicate entry in research.
– Fixed survival weapons being unselectable in creative mode.
– Fixed simple table mount points preventing placing stuff on top.
– Fixed crash when animation doesn’t have actual animations, only events.
– Fixed situation where claimblock would display incorrect tax expiration time.

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