Update 0.4.6 – Round and Diagonal Palisades, Mechanical Blocks Preview

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Hello, Engineers! This week we have some more palisades for you to play with! Previously, in order to build curved palisade walls you would have to place the straight wall palisades in free building, but it also meant you got holes. Now you have round and diagonal walls to make your fortifications look better. We also put the palisades behind research called Wooden Defences. Additionally, we have moved wheels from mechanics to a new research called Wheelwrighting and then removed the metal from it. This will allow you to make your carts a little earlier in the game.
We are also showing the very first preview of future mechanical block systems – enjoy!

– Added round palisades.
– Added diagonal palisades.
– Added wooden defences
– Added wheelwrighting research. (It is unlocked by carpentry.)

Balance & Fixes
– Removed metal from the wheels, you can now make your carts early game.
– Removed collision model from the berry bushes, you can now walk through.
– Polished the grass voxels and foliage, the grass is greener on our side.
– Applied glue to the large slope battlements multiblock, it no longer falls apart in survival.
– Updated some tree cutting definitions, the last sneaky tree that dropped round timbers instead has been log-ified

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