Update 0.5.13 – It’s On The House

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Hello, Engineers! This week we’ve got some exciting new multiplayer feature for you guys, we have re-implemented the House system and it’s now a lot more intuitive. You can create your own ranks, tweak their permissions, and you can become allies with other Houses allowing Fast Travel access through each other’s areas. The House management screen has also been revamped, and we think you will like it a lot more now!
We also merged the German localization, special thanks to KevusBorus, IndorilNerevar, crushburn and Koebi for the work you guys have done! We have immortalized you in the credits, go take a look! 🙂

– Re-implemented the Faction system.
– Added German localization.

– Fixed vegetation draw distance not taking an immediate effect when you change it.
– Fixed melee weapons not taking range into consideration when swinging at walls. (Thanks Stori3D_Past for the bug report!)
– Fixed a subtle UI issue where clicking on the left half of a character in a text input field would put the caret after the character instead of in front.
– Fixed an issue with old saves that helps recover areas flagged as claimed but with invalid claimblocks. Replacing the claimblocks should now correctly reset the ownership again.
– Fixed an issue where combat didn’t correctly affect weapon durability.

Please be aware that while we tried our best to make sure all factions transition correctly to the new system, issues may occur, such as your banner design being lost. If your faction is not transitioning at all, please send us a backup of your old world before the update so we can look at why the transition is failing. If it is going wrong you can switch back to the last_week branch in betas while we fix it. Thanks!

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