Update 0.5.19 – A Crate Update

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Hello, Engineers! This week we got a neat new storage block for you guys to use, that showcases the power of the entity component system! This new crate has a dynamic inventory constraint, permitting only 1 item type at a time, and it will dynamically update the crate’s front side to show you the contents, so if you want to know just how many skulls you have, now you can!

– Added crates with dynamic inventory constraints and content indicator.

– Added an InventoryWatcherComponent, it is a multi-component so you can put multiple InventoryWatcherComponents on the crate, just make sure they have a unique subtype id.
– Added a DynamicInventoryConstraint, it is an inventory constraint that only permits 1 item type in the inventory.

For both additions, look at Content/Data/CubeBlocks/Storage/CrateWood.sbc for an example.

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