Update 0.5.20 – Bugfix Bonanza

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Hello, Engineers! It’s a bugfix bonanza today, as we work diligently on the next major update. We’re not quite there yet, so please hang on until we have our surprises in a presentable state! One of our favorite fixes this week involves the synchronization of the visual inventories. They now update as you build nearby, without having to open their inventories to check. Also, the signpost’s editing screen is now moved to the right so you can see the signpost while editing it.

– Fixed missing error message when creation of faction failed.
– Fixed a bug where applications would not get cleared upon creating a house, or joining another house.
– Fixed ownership transfer bug with claimblocks preventing the new owner from editing area settings.
– Fixed Barbarians’ cause of shakiness.
– Fixed seedbags durability desynchronizing on clients when seeding fails on the server.
– Fixed inventories not synchronizing for visual inventories and storage crates.
– Fixed disconnections not properly clearing characters from the server.
– Fixed connecting multiple ropes to one rope hook.
– Moved signpost editing screen to the side so you can see the sign while you are editing it.

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