Update 0.6.1 Patch 4 – Stone Cold Fixes


Hello, Engineers!

This week we’re improving the player names sometimes not showing up. This also affected voice chat, and both are working as intended again. Additionally, the crossbow is reloading more reliably, tax payments and small blocks are no longer turning invisible. Finally, there was a fix for a crash for people who managed to explore the exact point of the north pole, which was quite impressive!

We’re hot on the trail of analyzing server performance to ensure we can best understand and resolve performance issues as they pop up. To that end, we’ve implemented live server profiling, though it is disabled by default and only accessible to those with medieval master enabled. Together with server admins we will be able to discover, analyze and eliminate performance issues should they start appearing!

Enjoy the update!

Crash Fixes:
– Fixed a crash when you walk on the exact north pole.
– Fixed a crash when catch blocks are being destroyed.

General Fixes:
– Fixed player names sometimes not visible.
– Fixed ancestral torch not working on release builds.
– Fixed an issue where small blocks would sometimes turn invisible.
– Fixed crossbow informing the player it was loaded when there was no ammo available.
– Fixed paying taxes consuming more resources than expected in creative mode or with medieval master enabled.
– Aligned a label in the F3 player screen.
– Reduced developer debug logging, it was slowing down live Dedicated Servers.
– Added the ability for admins to pull profiling data from the server in collaboration with developers to track down DS slowdown issues.

Dedicated Server Improvements:
– Improved performance for Deer and Barbarian path finding.
– Improved performance for catchblocks.
– Altered some admin-only commands: (These only work with Medieval Master enabled)
/save: Triggers a world save. (Replaces the old +save)
/unban: Unban a player by steam ID, e.g. /unban 1234 (Replaces the old +unban)

Modding Changes:
– Fixed planet mods not loading when using the Empty World scenario.

Known Issues:
There’s a tenacious issue that strikes some dedicated servers where the simspeed freezes and players are unable to move. We’ve been working closely with the admins of these servers to figure out what is the cause of it, and by analyzing the world as it happens as well as experimenting with the saves we’ve been able to gather lots of useful information. We have a clue as to what may be going on, and we’re continuing the process of tracking down the cause.

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