Update 0.6.1 Patch 5 – Merry Christmas


Hello, Engineers!
With the big sale of the weekend behind us, we have reached a new peak of players. 1494 simultaneous players building villages and castles at one time, it is the highest it has been since the release day peak! Servers are busy as ever, and it’s a great ending to 2017 for all us Medieval Engineers!

The Christmas holidays are coming up and as we’re preparing to enjoy this with our families and friends we have one last update for this year. We added a restart tutorial button to the F1 help screen for those who forgot, or simply want to go through it again. We’ve rebalanced the rewards of the treasure chests to be more in balance with the fast travel on roads limitation, and we tweaked the compound dummies on the stairs and wooden supports.

Enjoy the update, and a merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the Medieval Engineers development team, and all of the people working at Keen Software House! We will see you again next year, 9th of January, with the next Medieval Engineers update!

General Improvements:
– Rebalanced treasure chests rewards.
– Added a button to restart the tutorial.
– Fixed compounding for stairs and wooden supports.
– Crossbow now shows hit indicators for the killing shot as well.
– Added some performance logging.
– Corrected a mistake in the whitelist.
– Increased quality of star banner symbol.
– Addressed some problems where small grids wouldn’t stick to large grids.
– When a claimblock becomes dynamic it destroys itself, losing the claim on the area it claimed.
– Auto-level voxel hand’s plane can now be altered, and it is no longer locked to world coordinates.
– Resolved an issue where large grids would not always become dynamic and remain floating in the air after their base collapsed.

Medieval Engineers Team

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