Update 0.6.2 Patch 1 – The Patchening


Hello, Engineers!
This week we have a small patch with important fixes for you guys. We addressed all the new crashes from the major release. Additionally, the server browser works properly again with the new Steam SDK. We closed a pretty nasty exploit with the crossbow that was allowing people to shoot super fast bolts, now it goes through the server for validation. Finally, we now drop block items one block at a time. This prevents accidental explosions of planks if someone dropped several stacks of planks at once.

Enjoy the update, and see you next week!

General improvements:
– The server browser now displays all servers correctly again.
– Changed the way the crossbow works internally to prevent an exploit. (Thanks Replicant for the report)
– Block items no longer drop as a whole stack, now they drop one at a time.
– Balanced timber cost for horizontal mechanical transmission.
– Assigned the correct LOD models to the deer pelt.
– Log wall with shutters now has proper physical material assigned to it.
– Blank scrolls can be placed into the bookshelves.
– Crafting stations that require fuel now start to process the queue once fuel is inserted and lighted.
– Modders can now access the projectiles to implement their own ranged weapons.
– Modders can now access the active camera to add their own camera effects.

Crash fixes:
– Killing characters now no longer crashes the game.
– Medieval Master’s Grid trash removal no longer crashes the server when it deletes all grids.
– The server browser no longer crashes when a server reports an invalid version.
– Plow blocks no longer crash the server when a player leaves the region while the plow block is still moving.
– AI spawning no longer crashes the server when a player leaves the region while the AI is spawning.

Keen Software House team

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