Update 0.6.2 Patch 3 – Minor Update


Hello, Engineers!
The past week we double-downed on solving several issues related to parallel logic. Additionally, we solved the issue with the AI spawning multiple corpses upon death as well as a crash when players starved. We also updated the deluxe banner layers to use the new Steam API and should be accessible again for everyone. We slightly increased the collision shape on the round wall’s right door, to make it easier for people to go through this doorway. Finally, we figured out what was causing the permission denied situation when attacking blocks, and you should be able to bash your way into your neighbour’s keep once again. But be sure to knock first, it’s the polite thing to do.

Enjoy the update!

General improvements:
– Altered the collision shape on the round wall’s right door to let players through more smoothly.
– Barbarians are now correctly prevented from spawning in the safe area or in undeveloped areas.
– Deluxe edition banner elements are now using the new Steam API introduced in 0.6.2 and are working correctly again.
– Slightly improved client performance by updating sound integration for characters.
– Attacking blocks in claimed areas will no longer give the erroneous “Permission Denied” message.
– Shooting stone blocks with a crossbow will no longer damage them, similar to other weapons.
– Dead players now respawn correctly.

Crash fixes:
– Fixed various parallelization related crashes and freezes.
– Fixed a crash when the player would starve to death.

Keen Software House team

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