Update 0.6.2 Patch 4 – In The Bag


Hello, Engineers!
This week we have a nice variety of changes, large grids now have their subparts’ physics disabled when they become dynamic to prevent them from flying off, the smelting quest now informs you how to find small stones from dirt, and various under-the-hood fixes to prevent the ghost issue. We tweaked the light colour of the torch light so it is a little less yellow, and we now spawn all of the inventory contents of a block when it is destroyed, rather than just the first one. This includes the resources used for any on-going crafting process when the block is destroyed.
Enjoy the update!

General Changes:
– Destroying a crafting station or object with multiple inventories now puts the contents of all the inventories into the lootbag, rather than just the first inventory.
– Large Grids should no longer start floating if they are damaged and have a lot of subparts.
– Improved character death event time-out handling to reduce the amount of ghost issues.
– Updated the parallel workers to prevent an issue where they would lose their work.
– Respawn time counter now correctly starts counting from 5 seconds.
– The player screen now displays the number of connected players.
– Enabling admin mode now removes all fast travel restrictions.
– Smelting quest now informs players how to get small stones.
– Updated the torch light to be a little less yellow.

Crash Fixes:
– Fixed a multiplayer crash when a character starts moving before the game has finished loading.

Keen Software House team

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