Update 0.6.2 Patch 5 – Minor Update


Hello, Engineers! This week we have only a small changelog as the team is focusing on polishing the 0.6.3 release. The engineer’s body now shows the skull icon rather than the lootbag icon on the compass, when you connect a landscaping stake to a projectile we display an error message rather than just failing it without explaining why, we made the server version popup dialogue display the version in a readable format, and we fixed a small mistake in the calculation preventing you from setting your fast travel cooldown to 10 seconds.
Enjoy the update!

General Changes:
– Landscaping stakes are no longer horizontal on the floor.
– Dead player bodies no longer show the lootbag icon, they now show a skull.
– Dead player bodies now show their icon in the middle, rather than at the feet.
– The server version check error dialogue now displays the version string correctly.
– Slightly improved the rate at which bots spawn, this should increase deer count on busy DS.
– A notification now shows up explaining you cannot connect landscaping stakes to projectiles.
– Fast travel cooldown setting, when set to 10, no longer shows as off when you re-open settings.

Keep Software House team

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