Update 0.6.2 Patch 7 – Minor Update


Hello, Engineers!
This week we’ve optimized the memory use when buildings are collapsing, which also helps the performance on servers a little bit for small destruction cases. We tackled many of the edge cases causing foliage to ‘blink’, these were caused by minor slowdowns causing them to skip a frame, this made the foliage disappear for one frame which looked like they were blinking. We also enabled Structural Integrity view in Creative Multiplayer, and we updated the advanced weapons quest, it now has a proper notification and also accepts iron and steel crossbows. Finally, on the modding side of things, we have repaired the parallel interface in the ModAPI, so you modders out there can write code that runs parallel too.
Enjoy the update!

General Changes:
– Updated server-side handling of broken blocks to reduce memory footprint.
– Resolved many edge cases causing foliage to blink while flying around the world.
– Enabled Structural Integrity view for Creative multiplayer.
– Updated the advanced weapons quest in the military tech tree.

Crash Fixes:
– Fixed a rare crash that occasionally prevented dedicated servers from starting up.

Modding Changes:
– Restored parallel interface for ModAPI.

Keen Software House team

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