Update 0.6.2 Patch 8 – Minor Update


Hello, Engineers!
This will be the final update to 0.6.2, now we will focus on polishing 0.6.3 to ensure its quality is as high as possible. In this patch we improved the speed at which inventory items transfer between inventories when you bulk-move large amounts of items, the respawn camera is now positioned correctly on your claimed respawn bed, and we solved an issue that prevented you from respawning when alt+tabbing in the respawn screen. Additionally, we have even further improved the performance with the fracture pieces, they should no longer freeze the game when a building just started collapsing. Switching toolheads in the mechanical crafting blocks will now return the resources that were being used, putting it in line with the other crafting processes at this time.
Enjoy the update, and see you with 0.6.3!

General Changes:
– Optimized large inventory item transfers.
– Camera shakes for axe and hammer now work in multiplayer.
– Alt+tabbing while in the respawn screen no longer prevents respawning.
– Subcribed blueprints that are switched to private by the author no longer show up.
– Switching mechanical toolheads now returns the resources currently being processed.
– House banners now update correctly on house banner flags on DS when it is first created.
– Improved the performance of fracture piece creation, preventing game freezes on building collapse.
– Changed the camera position when selecting the respawn bed in the respawn screen to be more correct.
– Updated input handling to prevent pressing multiple keys at once causing certain GUI to overlap incorrectly.
– Mining with the pickaxe’s right-mouse-button no-resource mode will no longer generate all the resources the moment left-mouse-button normal mining is used.

Keen Software House team

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