Update 0.6.3 Patch 1 – Minor Update


Hello, Engineers!
Last week we released 0.6.3 and the new stat system has been met with a lot of enthusiasm! We see you have been enjoying the vigor system’s boost to your mining and building speeds to create your castles faster than ever before!

We have been monitoring the stability of the game and noticed several crashes started to occur at a significant rate. We have identified the cause, and fixed it with today’s update. We also updated the compounding shape of the small round wall, it was preventing the machicolations to compound correctly with them. Additionally, the raw food penalty to vigor was updated to apply immediately.

We have also summarized the changes from the hotfixes over the last week. We are aware that not everyone reads the hotfixes’ changes after we release them, so for your convenience we have included them into this update post as well.

Finally, we’ve received some reports of people having incorrect behaviour when respawning, often times getting respawned at the safe area rather than their selected respawn point. We have added some additional logging to the server to try and figure out the cause. If any server admins are willing to help out, please send us your server logs after people report spawning in the wrong location. Every log helps!

Enjoy the update!

Crash Fixes:
– Fixed crash with physics.

General Changes:
– Broken tools no longer appear at your feet.
– Fresh install of the game no longer defaults to Intel adapter.
– Palm tree branches are now using the correct description in their tooltip.
– Small round machicolations now compound correctly with the small round wall.
– The tooltip of the small stockpile for stones now correctly reflects the allowed contents.
– Vigor loss from eating raw foods is now applied immediately rather than postponed until later.
– Improved client-side game performance when connecting to servers with a large dynamic grids nearby.

Modding Changes:
– Various stat related definitions were made a little more flexible with regards to which stat is used for costs, etc. Please check your definitions.
– Merged Ammos.sbc into Projectiles.sbc

Summary of hotfixes done since last week:

Crash Fixes:
– Fixed two crashes in the renderer.
– Fixed a crash when dying while blocking.
– Fixed a crash where equipment was loaded too late.

General Changes:
– Fixed some memory leaks.
– Updated food tutorial quest.
– Bindings screen now accepts joystick input.
– Corrected the LODs for the plank slope wall.
– Torch can now be equipped with the L key again on DS.
– Corrected compound dummies for large stockpile blocks.
– Fixed fast travel not working when limitations are disabled.
– Torches can no longer be put into the weaponrack inventory.
– Increased fast travel damage immunity timer from 2 to 5 seconds.
– Fixed inconsistent damage for club, studded club, and broken sword.

Modding Changes:
– Reverted accidental removal of MyRopeComponent and MyCharacterSoundComponent from whitelist.
– Added convenience accessor to MyEntity to get entity components. .Get() and .Get(MyStringHash subtype).

Keen Software House team

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