Update 0.6.3 Patch 3 – Minor Update

Hello, Engineers!
This update we focused on some of the problems occasionally experienced in the multiplayer. We identified some scenarios that were causing grids to behave erratically on clients, even though they were behaving smoothly on the server. Now their synchronization is much better. We also improved Watchdog’s logging by removing barbarians and reporting trespassers.

We also resolved an issue that sometimes prevented the game from downloading updates for mods correctly, the area highlight when building now changes color to match diplomatic status and some localization was updated. Finally, we tweaked a bunch of animations to be less stiff and we’ve fixed the hand crank so that if you look away while you’re cranking it it will continue cranking as long as you hold the use key and don’t walk away too far.

Enjoy the update!

Multiplayer changes:
– Grid physics now correctly goes to resting state on clients, improving performance near dynamic grids.
– Admins can now set max players from within the game while connected to DS.
– Watchdog now outputs trespassing correctly on dedicated servers.
– Watchdog no longer observes Barbarians taking damage.
– Improved synchronization of dynamic grids.
– Improved synchronization of ropes.

General changes:
– The game now correctly detects and downloads updated mods correctly.
– Projectiles now remain visible as they fly away from siege equipment.
– Area highlight now changes color when diplomatic changes occur.
– The hand crank will continue to rotate while holding the use key.
– Projectiles now create a small dust cloud upon impact.
– Updated the description on some broken tools.
– Updated localization on Supply Cart quest.
– Owned mods are now always available.
– Updated the old default blueprints.

Animation changes:
– Polished animations for walking, mining, cutting trees and plowing.
– Polished animation for attacking as a female engineer.
– Polished animation for 2 handed idle and walking.
– Polished animation for swinging hammers.
– Polished animation for rope tool.

Keen Software House team

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