Update 02.008 – Pickaxe, Day/night cycle, Rag-doll, Pathfinding

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Pickaxe has been added in the game. It can be used for mining the stone (more options for stone mining and deploying the mined materials will follow in the upcoming weeks). Also, day/night cycle is now available. You can set the length of the day and night. The change between day and night is smoother. Additionally, we have improved the character’s and barbarians’ animations after death (known as rag-doll). Pathfinding for AI has been implemented – it would help barbarians to navigate in more complex environments. Lastly, we’ve also added several new blocks and fixed a lot of issues with structural integrity and lights.

– pickaxe & stone mining
– day/night cycle (accessible in K menu)
– rag-doll animation for barbarians and character
– pathfinding (for AI)

New blocks
– stone wall centered window and door
– stone battlement triangle
– wood support
– wood tower
– wall torch
– new flags and banners

– fixed issues with support structures making SI worse
– fixed wooden floors break near battlements
– fixed barbarian attack animation
– fixed crash with barbarians “attack here” button
– fixed issue when lots of lights in one place cause pixelization and flickering
– light sources optimization (torches, fireplaces…)

EDIT 03/18/2015:
Update 02.008.011
– fixed crash when you placed slope battlement
– fixed various barbarian crashes

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