Update 02.009 – Manipulation tool, Peasants

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The object manipulation tool has been added in Medieval Engineers. This tool can be used for moving, and throwing dynamic objects (a dynamic object is anything that is not attached to the ground or on a grid that is attached to the ground – for example a stone that is on the ground is a dynamic object and can be manipulated while a stone that is part of a building is a static object, thus it can’t be moved). The character is able to pick up objects that weigh less than 180 kg and throw them, but objects that are heavier than 180 kg can only be pulled/pushed.

Additionally, we added a new type of AI character, “peasants”. This is a prototype version and is still work-in-progress. Their purpose for now is to collect stones and other objects and move them to their spawn point. Also, the behavior tool can now support multiple behaviors (barbarians and peasants) – see the guide for more info: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=405741035.

Lastly, there is a chance of fogs during the morning hours. Also, we implemented the feet IK algorithm, which means that the character’s legs will adapt to the terrain.

– manipulation tool (pick up or push objects. Objects heavier than 180 kg can only be pulled/pushed)
– peasants (AI character able to pick up stones and move them to his spawn position. The maximum number of peasant bots in a world is set to 3 for now. The maximum number of barbarians is 4)
– AI behavior tool supporting multiple behaviors (barbarians and peasants)
– occasional morning fog
– feet IK algorithm (character’s legs can adapt to the terrain)

New blocks
– Round roof 1x1x1

AI behavior tutorial

– fixed stretched textures on spiral stairwell
– fixed crash when you place a slope battlement as compound block with stairs
– fixed wall torch issue having too sharp light sphere
– day/night duration slider has an ability to be set by ctrl + left click
– fixed missing textures on hay roofs
– fixed rag-doll animation of broken limbs
– fixed character’s receiving damage animation
– fixed flashing screen when setting the daylight

EDIT 03/25/2015:
Update 02.009.010
– fixed freeze and crashes when loading large maps
– fixed behavior tool not connecting with the game

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