Update 02.011 – Animal AI (deer), New types of roof tops

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The first animal AI has been added into the game and it is a deer! Please note that this is the first work-in-progress prototype which means that the deer’s animations and behavior are not complete – currently they can react when they are under threat. Players can enable them through the world options. The maximum number that can be added in one world is currently four (this will be increased in the future) and they can spawn only in places where there is a big forest.

Also, players are now able to use the manipulation tool when crouching and there are new types of roof tops available.

Lastly, we have improved the tools that can support simple modding and modding for simple compound blocks (one cube objects). We have also created an example mod that can help modders (mirror.keenswh.com/KEEN SWH Double Window – example mod.7z).

– animal AI (deer)
– added manipulation when crouching
– improved modding support

New blocks
– new types of roof tops

– putting a container into another container is now disabled
– fixed destroying trees by bumping to them in high speed flying
– fixed dampening slowing objects and projectiles too much
– fixed day/night ratio settings in scenario menu
– fixed static small grid becomes dynamic after deleting one block
– fixed modded block load and textures

Modding Guide
How to use Medieval Engineers ModSDK for exporting models: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=421310207

EDIT 04/08/2015: Update 02.011.009
– fixed barbarian rotating when attacking the player
– fixed deer animations

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