Update 02.014 – Large roof tiles, Battlements, Platforms

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In this week’s update, we’ve added more roof tiles and big radius battlements/platforms into the game.

Multiplayer is coming soon! Our team is working on some final details together with various other important features, so expect to hear more during the upcoming weeks… Stay tuned!


– advanced battlement, platforms (big radius)
– new roof piece

New blocks:
– RoofTileLargeRound
– StonePlatformRoundLarge
– StoneBattlementRoundLargeCenter

– fixed cannot step onto wooden floor from spiral stairs
– fixed particle effects LODs missing (major source of a slowdown)
– fixed few crashes here and there

EDIT 04/29/2015: Update 02.014.003

– fixed fire particle effects missing
– fixed crashes with deer collisions and when deer uses tools

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