Update 02.022 – Food gathering, More survival building blocks

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Today we are introducing edible elements into Medieval Engineers. You will be able to gather plants and mushrooms that grow in the forest. Bushes and herbs bear fruits that will regrow over time after a harvest. Mushrooms and roots are harvested once and they may respawn in a different place. This is the first iteration of the growth and harvest system which will be part of Survival mode. There are no hunger/survival elements yet, but the gathering is important preparation for things to come. More features and options will be added in the upcoming updates.
Additionally, we have added more construction models for blocks used in survival building. We have improved the manipulation tool – it doesn’t do any damage on contact, it can’t kill bots or characters, and it won’t push grids with bigger force anymore. Lastly, we have improved the projectile reloading which makes the process faster and easier – you can place the projectile on the catapult by aiming at the bucket and just pressing the “T” button.

How to collect food:
1. find a plant
2. pull up from the ground by using the T button
3. the item will spawn on the ground
4. then you can eat it by using the T button or carry it by using the manipulation tool and store it for later


– more construction models for blocks (survival building)
– gathering (mushrooms, berries, roots and herbs)
– growing flora (new items appear in the forests after some period of time)
– manipulation tool improvements
– better projectile placement (using “T” button)

– bots now can be killed
– fixed branches not counting as construction material
– fixed dynamic large grid becoming invisible on DS during construction
– fixed timbers built on static grid had 0% integrity
– fixed blocking instead of building when character was still moving

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