Update 02.028 – Barbarian waves, Sword

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Barbarian waves have been added to the game (survival mode). Barbarians will now attack you in waves during the night. On the first night, there will be one barbarian who will attack, on the second, two barbarians and so on. The maximum number of attacking barbarians is currently ten, so after the 10th wave the amount of barbarians will remain ten. Also, barbarians can now be looted. After a barbarian is killed, his inventory is dropped on the ground where players can pick it up. The inventory can include food, tools or weapons (note: the bag will disappear from the world after some time, so pick up everything that you need immediately and don’t leave it for later). Moreover, barbarians are now able to use the crossbow, so beware! We have also implemented the sword to the game. It works the same way as the other melee weapons, but it causes more damage to your opponent (you can kill someone with 3 hits). Lastly, we have changed the food consumption. Now you will get starving damage 20 minutes after you run out of food.


– barbarian waves
– sword
– looting barbarians
– barbarian crossbowman
– new sounds for weapon/tool blocking/interaction
– rebalanced food consumption and tools’ stats
– adjustment to respawn cart (less food, more tools)

– optimization of server performance caused by large number of cubegrids in a world
– improved manipulation tool on dedicated servers
– fixed crash when player equipped with a tool changed model to the deer

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