Update 02.029 – Improved barbarian AI, Weapon particle effects

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Barbarian behavior has been improved. They now choose their targets, attacking the player when possible or destroying wood to escape instead of trying to get through stone. When barbarians attack, they will shout as they come near to the player. Sometimes the barbarians will spawn in groups instead of one at a time. They can also attack while they are running. Additionally, we have added particle effects for weapons and tools including blood, splinters and sparks. Moreover, new roof blocks have been added for survival building – the wooden roof, hay roof and their variants (corner, inverted corner). Also if you kill a deer you can get meat from it. Lastly, players will start from now on with 55 food points when they respawn in the game.


– improved barbarian AI
– weapon particle effects
– barbarians spawn in groups
– barbarians attack while running
– new roof blocks (survival building)
– killing deer provides meat

– fixed desync on barbarian’s loot bags in multiplayer
– fixed issue with barbarian loot disappearing after load
– fixed crash when dead player opened G screen
– fixed sounds of blocking while fighting with barbarians
– fixed crash when fighting barbarians
– fixed player running and blocking at the same time

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