Update 02.030 – Bugfixes, Drag tools from inventory to toolbar

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This week, we added the option to move tools to the toolbar from the inventory screen. This will make it faster to pick up weapons in combat and easier to equip tools from chests and barrels. Additionally, animations have been optimized and related bugs have been fixed. Using Alt + Tab while in menus no longer hides the menu.
Lastly, we would like to inform you that starting from this week, we have decided to move into a temporary feature freeze period and focus exclusively on finishing existing features and fixing bugs. The weekly updates will continue, but they’ll be focused on stabilization rather than on new features. The stabilization period will allow us to fix issues that appeared after recent features were implemented and improve the overall gameplay. The community’s support has been very helpful in identifying various issues and suggesting improvements. We thank you for this! More info about the stabilization period can be found on Marek’s latest blog post: http://blog.marekrosa.org/2015/08/stabilization-period-for-medieval_18.html


– drag tools from inventory to toolbar
– optimizations of animations

– fixed sliding animation when attacking while moving
– fixed stiff ragdoll for corpse
– fixed dead bodies desync
– fixed issue with selecting castle siege map after alt-tab
– fixed issue with inventory screen after alt-tab
– fixed crash when trying to spawn items inside voxels
– fixed rotor could not be used with block on top of it
– fixed axe deconstructing buildings
– fixed cannot pick root from respawn cart on DS
– fixed castle siege throws you always to attackers
– fixed crash when killed in inventory
– fixed manipulation tool not working correctly with chests in multiplayer
– fixed manipulation tool making things disappear

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