Update 02.031 – Bugfixes #2

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The bug fixing period continues. As we informed you last week, we have entered a stabilization / feature-freeze period where our focus is on fixing bugs and improving existing features (more info can be found here: http://blog.marekrosa.org/2015/08/stabilization-period-for-medieval_18.html). Some of the main fixes that were implemented this time are related to the castle siege and survival building (for example crashes when building a certain block or pasting blueprints). We also improved the GUI by adding the stats bar in inventory window.
More fixes will follow in the next updates.


– fixed crash when placing certain blocks
– fixed crash when loading a map with pasted blueprint
– fixed character stats bar not visible with inventory open
– fixed G screen is automatically focused on search
– fixed switching toolbars in G screen
– fixed multiplayer issue with chopping trees
– fixed bug with switching between manipulation tool and torch
– fixed gatherables spawning in excess
– fixed crash when equipping a block while being dead
– fixed bug with a character’s clone appearing in castle siege
– fixed barbarian waves spawning more barbarians than the limit
– fixed issue with missing blocks in copied grids
– balanced the mass of round timbers (the same as standard timbers)

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