Update 02.032 – Grass density slider, Food items on toolbars, Bugfixes

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We have added a new slider to the graphics options for grass density. This will adjust how much grass is generated in the world, or turn grass off completely to improve frame rates. Additionally, we have enabled moving food items from the inventory screen to the toolbar for easier access. Items on the toolbar can now be rearranged while in the G menu or the inventory screen. Moreover, we have added the capability to separate inventory items within your inventory by holding shift while dragging them. There are also buttons in the K menu that can remove gatherables and loose resources from the world. These, along with removing fractures, can be used on dedicated servers as well for improving performance.


– Added grass density slider for better performance tweaking
– Added capability to have food items on toolbars
– Added capability to rearrange items on the toolbar by clicking and dragging
– Added capability to separate items within your inventory by holding Shift and dragging
– Added buttons for removing gatherables and loose resources (logs, branches and scrap wood) for admins/host
– Added auto trash removal and flora objects decay (herbs and bushes)


– Fixed amount and distribution spawning of food
– Fixed crash with loading height map from shift+F10 screen
– Fixed particles glowing at night (blood, wood chips etc)
– Fixed feet positioning for character models
– Fixed loot bags spawning when inventory is empty
– Fixed crash with rope ending placed in combination with certain blocks
– Fixed bot limits in multiplayer
– Fixed animation level of detail for far distance

EDIT 08/21/2015:
Update 02.032.010

– fixed activation of the item while being dragged from g/inventory screen into toolbar
– fixed crash when exiting from the world while looking on highlighted dummy of the object
– fixed bug with adding count of items beyond inventory limitation
– fixed changing toolbar pages while being in inventory

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