Update 02.033 – Bugfixes & Improvements

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This week the stabilization period continues with many new fixes and improvements. We applied changes to the character’s stats, more specifically to stamina for a better survival experience. We also rebalanced the construction progress of survival blocks so building is now more realistic. Additionally, we changed the starting season from winter to summer so whenever you start a new world, there will be more daylight. Lastly, with this update, admins can use spectator in survival.


– Added missing icons for mechanical sub-blocks
– Added spectator in survival for admins only
– Stamina regenerates slightly faster when walking/running/idling
– Changed starting season to provide more light during the day
– Changed construction progress of survival blocks
– Fixed using timber pieces to build one timber
– Fixed logs spawning scrap wood after crafting inconsistently
– Fixed randomly moving/rotating blocks when placing a new block on a grid
– Fixed toolbar reordering activating blocks
– Fixed small projectiles gaining velocity from impacts
– Fixed stamina regeneration being calculated incorrectly
– Fixed player can perform actions without stamina after switching characters
– Fixed right click to remove item from the toolbar
– Fixed crossbow can shoot through walls
– Fixed crash with attaching a rope to non-existent entity
– Fixed scaling problem in systems 2 menu
– Fixed desync when connecting small mechanical grids
– Fixed showing tutorial screen instead of a guide video the first time the game is opened

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