Update 02.044 – Medieval Master, Bugfixes

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In this week’s update we are giving you the chance to become a Medieval Master. As a Medieval Master, you can switch to creative building in survival game mode. It will also allow you to fly around with your character. Activating Medieval Master, you can monitor all important things happening on your server as an admin. For example, you can spectate other characters in the world. Bear in mind, even with creative tools in your hand you are still mortal in survival mode. The Medieval Master can also cycle between built objects (grids) in the world, identify unwanted grids on the server and get rid of them, leading to better performance. You also have the power to put strict conditions on all grids on the server. They can be removed/stopped when conditions are met.
We have also included part of the K screen (buttons for removing items) into Medieval Master for now. In future iterations we will merge all the tools for Medieval Master so they are accessible from a single menu screen.


– Medieval Master

– fixed desync while pushing carts
– fixed crash when running the game without Steam
– fixed crash when roasting meat without resources
– improved bonfire logic (can’t remove the last piece of burning wood out of the fire)

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