Update 02.047 – Crafting progressbar, New recipes

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This week we are releasing the second iteration of character/bonfire crafting including new recipes, progress bar and new crafting rules. From now on you can craft 5 delicious meals on bonfire and bandages for healing in your character’s crafting screen . We have also rebalanced the character’s stats in survival. Please let us know how you like them now!


– crafting progress bar
– new recipes (goulash, salad, mushroom soup, shroomsteak, roots with mushrooms, bandage)
– rebalanced character stats

– changed button label for bonfire to “Fire On/Off”
– crafting is removing items after crafting, not on start
– you can now cancel crafting on crafting blocks
– fixed stone slope block placement
– fixed crash caused by audio
– fixed a crash caused by reconnecting players
– fixed voice chat crash
– fixing ability to turn off the fire through the button
– fixed an issue where the fire button would automatically select items for crafting
– fixed advanced stone battlement block placement
– fixed wooden stair block placement
– fixed desync with floating objects

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