Update 02.057 – Item icons on HUD, Inventory sizes

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In this week’s update we are changing how interaction with items is shown and also offering a couple of sizes for your inventory.
If you pick up any item to your inventory, it will show you the icon of that item and its amount on your HUD. You can also choose the size of your inventory in the settings menu. It can be set to default, triple and ten in size. Yes, you can carry ten times more items this time around.
In creative mode the inventory is unlimited in size. This applies only to your character and not to other containers in the game.
And as always, we applied bug fixes to the game.


– Item icons on HUD
– Inventory sizes

– fixed client crash when server was disconnected while MyGuiScreenInventory is displayed on client
– player is now unable to build on objects which are being manipulated at the moment
– fixed a few memory leaks in the renderer
– fixed outlines getting drawn over grass again
– fixed bug that allowed particular zones not to be audible when jumping over them
– attack animation is now not interrupted by other animations (running, jumping, rotation, etc)
– fixed bigger inventory bag bug
– added sound of flying catapult stone to the game
– improving tree falling sounds
– changing the starting date in all scenarios to 7:00 AM from 9:00 AM
– fixed crash in CreateReplicable
– fixed strange looking and dysfunctional rope drum
– fixed battle music playing most of the game time without any reason
– fixed crash in audio distance sound system
– changed hit reporting to have an additional sprite appear and fade out rather than enlarging and coloring the existing one
– added tool hit sounds for different surfaces
– fixed head angle having a “Not a Number” sometimes
– fixed a crash on the client when pasting a blueprint in the air
– fixed a client crash in Sandbox.Game.Entities.MyFloatingObject.GetPhysicsShape
– fixed tool hit sounds against grass

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