Update 02.065 – Tools durability, Stone Axe

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From now on, tools are even more specialized by their purpose of use. Wrong use of a tool leads to quicker degradation. The material of tools now plays a bigger role, for example, wooden or stone tools have lower durability than iron tools. That is why we are adding the stone axe to the game. It has a universal use for the early stage of the game, but has low durability. A new kind of item, wooden sticks, will serve as a basic source of wood. These will be also used in the early stages of game. These are first iterations of these features so please leave us your feedback.


– weapons and tools now have durability which degrades while performing specific tasks with them
– using a weapon/tool for something that it’s not intended for, will degrade it faster
– wooden stick component was added to the game to replace scrapwood, although scrapwood can still be used
– stone axe was added to be used as a universal tool
– toolbar weapon items now refer to a specific weapon in your inventory to be able to choose between multiple weapons of the same type but with a different durability

Tweaks & Fixes:
– fixing inventories not being spawned in bonfire, crafting table and woodcrafting table
– fixed a null pointer exception crash in MyToolbarItemCubeBlock
– fixed permadeath being true in some cases
– fixed dummies (for compound building) on RoofOdds, railing, roofs
– fixed display names of StonePillar and pillar schematic
– fixed the creepy face bug when the camera was forced to first person in the third person mode
– scrap wood is now replaced with wooden sticks
– small grids now show their quantity on the toolbar and are disabled when the quantity reaches 0 in survival mode
– usable item quantity is now displayed in the toolbar as well
– weapons and tools are now destroyed when durability reaches 0
– large grids locked behind research are disabled in the survival mode toolbar
– blocks in G screen were reordered a bit
– added a sound to the pickup timer
– added StoneAxes in the respawn cart, removed iron tools
– added crafting table to default toolbar
– changed the way starting items are defined in scenarios. You can now define any item that can be present in the inventory.
– optimized the decal shader
– improved serialization of the inventory items

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