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KeenSWH Team Structure + New Medieval Engineers Leadership

Today I’m writing with news about our Keen Software House structure and especially the Medieval Engineers team. We’ve made a few changes that are aimed at helping us reach our short-term and long-term goals, so we can deliver the amazing games our community deserves as efficiently as possible. Read more at Share on social Read More


Update 02.069 – Portcullis

Summary Dear Engineers! In this week’s update we are making another addition to the group of entrance blocks. We’ve added a new block, the portcullis. It’s modular, so it allows you to combine it with other blocks in various ways. It’s also a compound block, so there are a large number of possible combinations. It’s Read More


Update 02.067 – Wooden gate

Summary: Greetings Engineers! In this week’s update we are bringing new block to the game: a wooden gate. The wooden gate’s opening speed, number of door wings, max angle and open angle are all moddable. This means modders can make all sorts of smaller doors, shutters, cellar doors, roof windows, and so on. In this Read More