Update 0.5.7 – Give ME A Sign

Hello, Engineers! We found some old timbers lying around, slapped them together and gave them a lick of paint, and suddenly we rediscovered the long lost art of Sign making! And we are sharing this with the world! Now you too can make your own signs! We also restarted the community localization project, so if Read More


Update 0.5.6 – Oh Deer!

Hello, Engineers! This week we are bringing Cyrillic support back into the game. We also found out why deer were sometimes not dropping loot, and as an encore, we also fixed some other problems with the lootbags. Features – Deer drop loot once again. Additionally, lootbags no longer inherit parent velocity, and no longer collide Read More


Update 0.5.5 – Rolling Stones

Summary Hello, Engineers! This week we’ve got the small stockpile for large stones for you! We also improved voxel performance significantly, and fixed an issue with the tree LODs not dithering correctly. Additionally, we squashed a couple of bugs, and finally, we did some more modding improvements! Features – Added small stockpile for large stones. Read More