Update 0.4.18 – Box o’ Rocks

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Hello, Engineers! This week we have a two part update! First, we’ve got the weekly release, and secondly, the first public view on our next update.
For the update, we bring you the large stone stockpile. It works the same as the other large block stockpiles, and it takes large stones. We are now preventing the removal of small blocks from owned areas. This prevents other players from removing all of the small blocks from your houses. Additionally, we have fixed a black screen issue for people playing on laptops.
In our sneak peak, we show you the work that has been done on the GUI, with our new font and several redesigned screens.

– Added Large Stone Stockpile.

– Added anti-theft protection to static small grids in owned areas. People can no longer take them away.
– Corrected Simple Table definitions, it now goes on the ground again.
– Fixed black screen issue people had on laptops.

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