Update 0.4.20 – Not 0.5 By A Joint Decision

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Hello, Engineers! This week we have a couple of bug fixes, for starters, we fixed a bug that caused the game to start up incorrectly, causing black screens occasionally. Additionally, the rope release now saves its settings again. Also, we finally fixed the problem with the player list in multiplayer not properly refreshing when you promote or demote someone.

We also give you a short preview of the modding changes coming in 0.5. One of the new features soon available to modders will be creating your own entity components. Along with the proper MP integration, you will now be able to develop exactly the same way we are.
Additionally, we’re introducing a mod metadata system, through which initially you can specify which game version your mod supports, but it’ll enable us in the future to add support for other features such as mod dependencies.
Next, we’re giving you proper input keybinding integration which will also save to the player config file, and they can edit their keybinds for your custom inputs in the keybinding screen!
Another new feature is the tagging of items, this will allow you to create recipes that take any timber as resource, rather than just one specific item. And if you create something that fits a constraint, it will automatically fit into those containers!

– Fixed the rope release not saving their settings.
– Fixed a texture glitch on the stone corner slope block.
– Fixed the player list not refreshing when a player is promoted/demoted.
– Fixed an initialization bug in the renderer that was causing black screens for new players.

Known issues
– The rope release indicator is flashing, we are aware of it, and thinking about a solution.

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