Update 0.5.3 – Another Slit In The Wall

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Hello, Engineers! This week we are bringing you arrowslits! The arrowslits will allow you to defend your lands from the safety of your castle!
We also added some minor improvements to various menus, such as a search bar on the load worlds screen, the ability to add/remove servers to favourites, and finally, the ability for admins to manage inactive houses.
Finally, for the modders amongst you, we’re introducing a set of XSD files. These files should allow you to more easily create your own definitions.

– Added arrowslits to the castle walls.
– Added a search bar to the load worlds screen.
– Added the ability to add/remove servers to favorites on the join worlds screen.
– Added the ability for server admins to join inactive houses and promote people to founder.
– Added a wooden claimblock so you can claim areas early on in the game, stone claimblock is now behind stoneworks research.

– Fixed block info not displaying correctly on DS.
– Fixed block state not displaying correctly on DS.
– Fixed collision sounds not playing back correctly.
– Fixed blueprint screen not scrolling to top while searching.
– Fixed several blocking issues with the tutorial quest chain.
– Fixed banner editor message positioning when you are not a house leader.
– Fixed help buttons on the inventory and crafting panels, and the map screen.
– Fixed crosshair icons disappearing when another player starts placing blocks.
– Fixed multiblock preview not drawing the correct model after changing variants.
– Fixed an issue where dropping items would cause them to appear under the voxels.
– Fixed help message for the crafting panel incorrectly stating ctrl was 10 and shift was 5 items.
– Fixed a bug where placing a block into the voxels next to a grid could cause doors to open.
– Fixed insufficient resources message being displayed for everyone on the server.
– Fixed grid coordinate system debug draw accidentally rendering on public builds.
– Fixed an issue where the area highlight would not go away correctly.
– Fixed multiblocks sometimes not drawing while placing them.
– Fixed crossbow crosshair not showing when zoomed.
– Fixed crossbow hit confirmation not working.
– Fixed an issue where sprint could get stuck.
– Fixed wooden shutters requiring iron.
– Fixed several crashes.

– Created XSD files for our definitions.
– Fixed construction models not loading correctly.
– Fixed a lot of file paths not using the correct moddable path code.

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