Update 0.5.4 – A Cautionary Tale of Castle Security

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Hello, Engineers! This week we’ve got some good bugfixes for you again. Additionally, we have a Cautionary Tale of Castle Security for you; don’t leave large carts outside your walls, don’t leave rope hooks exposed on your castle walls, and absolutely don’t leave your doors open. 😉
Amongst the bugfixes, we have a fix for the blocks not always connecting to each other correctly, a fix where building blocks would randomly consume small grids in the area, improvements to the crossbow aiming, and the return of the impaled skull.
For you modders out there, especially those who program, we have a nice DLL for you guys with all the whitelisted code you can hook into. You can add this DLL as a reference to your Visual Studio project to link against, and you will be able to see what you have access to in an easy way! It can be found in the ModTools folder in the Medieval Engineers Mod SDK.

– Fixed issues where grids would sometimes not merge correctly.
– Fixed issue where building would randomly consume small grids in the area.
– Fixed issue with crosshair icons activating outside the tool’s effective range.
– Fixed an issue where stones could spawn in weird places while mining with a full inventory.
– Fixed an issue with basic ropes not stacking correctly.
– Fixed issue where zoom would not disable when switching to another tool from a zoomed-in crossbow.
– Improved crossbow aim in first and third person.
– Added notification for trying to pick up damaged small blocks.
– Added notification for claimblock interaction while the area is still claiming.
– Re-added the impaled skull block for all your macabre entrance needs.
– Moved bandages to the correct crafting station.
– Re-organized stonewalls with doors and windows; it should now be less difficult to find the right variation.

– Created single dll file with all whitelisted classes, structs, etc. It can be found in the ModTools folder in the Medieval Engineers Mod SDK.
– Refactored use of Tuple to MyTuple in MyCubeBlock RazeBlockInCompound call.
– Created new modding example guides:
Smart Shovel (Part 1)
Smart Shovel (Part 2)
Mod Code Structure Overview
Visual Studio Setup Guide

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