Update 0.5.6 – Oh Deer!

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Hello, Engineers! This week we are bringing Cyrillic support back into the game. We also found out why deer were sometimes not dropping loot, and as an encore, we also fixed some other problems with the lootbags.

– Deer drop loot once again. Additionally, lootbags no longer inherit parent velocity, and no longer collide with characters. This should prevent loot bags flying off into space.
– Return of the Russian font! You can now chat once again.

– Made the mod status in the setup mods list more friendly to colour blind people.
– Added tooltips to weapons and tools, they now tell you what they are for.
– Fixed several screens having incorrect GUI layout or missing tooltips.
– Fixed the mod list on the server info panel not sorting alphabetically.
– Fixed an issue where listboxes would not scroll to the last element.
– Fixed the compound dummy for the arrow slit center.
– Fixed the duplicate icon for herb and flax seed bags.
– Fixed some duplicate key binding issues.
– Fixed even more crashes!

– Updated MyCubeGrid.OnIsStaticChanged callback to include the CubeGrid as parameter.
– Added MyApiGateway.Multiplayer.OnChatMessageReceived handler that can be used on servers to intercept chat messages and parse them before sending them to others. Useful for things like chat based configuration!

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