Update 0.5.8 – Hat-Trick Tuesday

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Hello, Engineers! This week we have a choice selection of bug fixes for you, and a few minor features. A lot of the fixes are focused around the crafting and fuel systems, as well as the character interaction. We also addressed some of the game start-up issues people have reported.
Enjoy this update, and let us know what you think as usual!

– Added display of fuel time remaining to fuel bar on crafting screen.
– Added projectile items to the shelves.
– Now synchronizing the pick-up animation in multiplayer. See your friends’ grabby hands in action!

– Fixed an issue where clearing default bindings would not save correctly. (Public bugreport)
– Fixed an issue where the fuel component would not save the fuel progress. (Public bugreport)
– Fixed fuel on campfire and furnace not displaying correctly in multiplayer.
– Fixed crafting queue not saving.
– Fixed crafting queue not serializing in multiplayer.
– Fixed campfires not playing cooking sound.
– Fixed stats bars not displaying the effect of food correctly.
– Fixed an issue where you couldn’t place another claimblock on the same grid.
– Fixed inventory screen opening sound effect being played more than once at a time.
– Updated voxel hand configuration screen to look a little nicer.
– Fixed an issue where you can open multiple character key group screens at the same time.
– Fixed an issue where you could click promote on a player requesting to join your faction, if you had medieval master enabled.
– Inverted the incorrect inversion of the machicolation names. (We spotted it on a Radioman03 video!)
– Updated part of the renderer, this should hopefully solve some of the game-wont-start issues.
– Minor performance improvements to the building and deconstructing of very large grids.
– Fixed signpost detection, it should be easier to aim at them now.

– Fixed some security holes in modapi. Not going to tell you which. 😉
– Some of the MultiBlock definition errors will now be displayed on the F11 error log.

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