Update 0.5.23 – Knock Knock!

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Hello, Engineers! This week another small update as we start to double-down on getting our next major polished and ready to go. We noticed that the majority of doors are shared with the whole house, and only a few are set to private, so we flipped the default state; now all doors are shared with the house by default, and you will have to uncheck it only for the few private doors! We also fixed a crash on DS when a player would be banned while in a house by themselves.

We’re going to double-down on polishing the 0.6 major release now; we will be paying less attention to weekly releases for a while. We are very close to having it in a presentable state where we are confident we can start talking about, and showing, what we’ve been preparing for you guys! Please hang in there just a little bit longer. 🙂

– Fixed a server crash when banning a player who is alone in a house.
– Set “share with house” to be enabled by default for doors.

Fence Gate Mod by ablindman: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1162252149

Castle Siege:
After reviewing the submissions, we’ve accepted the challenge by The Ironborn! Their video was very well made and we’re preparing to face their assault on our castle! 🙂 The time and date will be announced on our social media, so keep a watchful eye!

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